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Data Governance

To efficiently extract value from data and provide a single point of truth, organisations need to intrdouce a new management function, Data Governance. Implementing this function may include the development of policies, glossaries, IT infrastructure, data manager functions, and more.

Our company is a leader in implementing Data Governance in Russian and international companies. Our clients with growing expectations of their data, no matter what their stage of data maturity, develop the necessary data governance tools to support the overall business strategy.


In the modern environment the main factor of a successful business (as well as of a successful management of affairs in any domain) is a provision of the effective management of available resourses: material, financial and human ones.

In order to do that, the following is equally required: a unified information space of a company, “immediate” communications, automation and interconnection of business processes.

In other words, there is a need in integration of all the available dissimilar isolated sub-systems in a one single information system, which is often quite complicated and expensive.

IT consulting

The BSSG company offers consulting services in management and automation of business of our clients. Our consulting services cover the range of the work done during the Informational System creation.


You may find useful for your company our expert investigation in the domain of automation and optimization of business processes in diverse branches of modern enterprises and financial organizations.

Project design

The creation of information systems always begins with setting a goal of the project. The main aim of any successful project is to provide the following during the start of the system and throughout its exploitation:

  • Functionality

    The required functionality of the system
  • More


    The system should adapt to changing operational conditions.
  • Support


    The required system throughput
  • More


    The required system throughput
  • Analytics


    The system should always be ready for query processing
  • Support


    The system should be easy to use and extend
  • Security

    The required security
  • Efficiency

    A high-performance system takes great project design
  • Technologies

    Data management

    The InfoSphere MDM solution creates a fair presentation of the main data – customers, citizens, suppliers, local offices, products, accounts and etc. Based on the data it also improves applications and business processes.

    InfoSphere MDM is the most complete, safe and powerful solution in the domain of operative MDM. It creates fair presentation of informational resourses and improves efficiency of business projects and applications, at the same time improving the business results, keeping costs down, mitigating risks and providing flexibility to the chosen strategy.

    We have implemented quality audit of the data with legitimate source, namely:

    • Interfax SPARK database and company register lists.
    • KLADR.
    • Central Bank of Russia (banks and currencies).
    • Dow-Jones database (contraparties check on sanction lists).

    Data normalization

    We have successfully implemented projects in normalization of big (10^6) datasets concerning materials as well as contraparties for high-profile clients.

    Information management

    A great amount of possibilities for a successful information management is offered by IBM InfoSphere Information Server, Integration of information and main data management. Access to business information online and a unified representation of the most important business data of a company.

    IBM System Z

    The letter Z stands for «zero down time» that reflects one of the main advantages of the server – a high safety, allowing a constant maintenance of work of the server at the required level of efficiency 24 x 7 x 365 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    Our company provides services and solutions in the field of IBM System z: installation and upgrade of zOS, setting up of Parallel Sysplex, consolidation of servers on the base of zVM and zLinux.


    Together with our partners at IBM we specialize in integrating businesses with InfoSphere MDM (Advanced, Collaborative, Standard editions). We have handled projects in the following InfoSpere products:

    IBM DB2 — is a higly stable and scalable enterprise-grade database. We offer services in setting up and tuning IBM Integration Bus, a corporte ESB system. IBM WebSphere MQ is a leading solution for distributed system development.

    BSSG has successfully carried out several projects with IBM System z stack (zOS, Parallel Sysplex, zVM).

    At BSSG, we have impressive expertise with Oracle products: Oracle DB, Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management, Oracle ESB


    Master Data Management solution for «Au Pont Rouge» mall on IBM WebSphere MDM Collaboration Server v.11 platform.

    PJSC "Lucoil": enterprise Master Data Management system design and development.

    Design and development of a complete Master Database system for data and reference management carried out for Procter & Gamble Eastern Europe. Extension and tecnical support.

    PJSC “SIBUR Holding”, development and maintenance of the regulatory reference information system.

    Sportmaster: pilot project in solution selection.

    Tander (supermarket chain): development of an MDM system based on IBM InfoSphere MDM Server for PIM.